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The Manchester Paint Company offering professional Painting services of Commercial, Industrial, residential and new construction work.

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Manchester Bath & Kitchen can give you the home of your dreams with a complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Manchester Handymen

Handyman Manchester is a well renowned, experienced and trusted handyman services provider in Manchester. We provide our services with the utmost diligence and determination. This the reasons why the majority of the people from Manchester trust our services for all of their custom repairs. We have a team of highly experienced and trained handyman professionals that are available for all our beloved customers every day 24/7.
You need help with your laundry’s leaky tap or have to mountain your new TV on your room’s wall? Do you want to get your broken tiles repaired? Do you want to renovate your bathroom that is pulling apart? Need to repair the damaged wall of your kid's room? Aor you want anything to be fixed or need assistance? So, who do you call? You call Handyman Manchester.


 Manchester handymen is a professional handyman  Manchester services company designed exclusively for home renovation and repair jobs large or small. We specialize in providing reliable repair, improvement, and maintenance services


Why choose Handyman Manchester?
Our Brand We are the best handyman service provider in all over the Manchester. Our top-notch services are the reason why we have such an established brand name in all over the Manchester and as well as all over the United Kingdom. Handyman Manchester is the call place of everyone living in Manchester whenever they need some repair at their homes, office or store. Unlike any other handyman service in Manchester or all over the United Kingdom, we have the most reliable brand value and trust of people. Handyman Manchester has proved to be the best and the most experienced handymen provider in Manchester. The reason is our optimum commitment, hard-work, and customer love. We always satisfy our customers 100% in every way, and that's the reason we have a 100% satisfaction rate from our customers for years. We are the oldest in this business, the handyman business is our ancestry work, it is the work of our family, and that's the reason we take it seriously more than anything in the world. We have the most experience and determination to keep our legacy in its purity, and that's the reason we don't compromise a bit on our most exceptional quality services.
The most excellent quality handyman services
One of the reasons why we are the best in the whole of Manchester is the Premium quality service we provide to our customers. The quality of our services is guaranteed 100%. Anything that you want to be repaired? We can do it effectively and efficiently. Our highly trained and experienced handymen are trained to fulfil all of your handyman needs and requirements. Our qualified professional provide all of the services that are mentioned below, Flat Pack Collection & Assembly Tiling – Bathrooms, Kitchens – Wall & Floor General household repair and maintenance Painting and decorating Woodworking Laminate flooring Fitting of blinds and curtains Garden clearance & maintenance Bathroom and Kitchen fitting Cat flap fitter/specialist Bath and shower resealing UPVC fitter Double Glazing/ Glass Fitter All these services and a whole lot more to offer to our customers with the utmost diligence, exceptional service and absolute determination. Our services are affordable and worth it
The prices that we offer for our service are more than affordable, and we never took additional profit from our services. Our hourly handyman packages are very affordable, and we provide top-notch competitive service at such cheap prices. Comparing to other handyman services providers in England and most importantly in Manchester, we offer the most excellent quality service at the lowest prices possible for our customers. We at Handyman Manchester focus on providing quality services to our customers, our customers are our family, and we give them respect, honour and the excellent service they deserve. In the present, people need assistance for multiple daily household tasks, and they need perfection in it. We at Handyman Manchester provide the finest level of perfection to our honoured customers, so they don't feel any dissatisfaction in our handyman services.
We are capable
We are equipped with advanced equipment and the talented professionals that have the finest capability to perform both small and also any kind of large projects. From fixing anything as little as your shower to the commercial and big residential projects, you can count on Handyman Manchester to do the job effectively and efficiently for you. No, any job is too small or too big for us, we can do anything you want us to do. We are the crew of dedicated and professional handymen that have goals do their best to gain customer's loyalty.
We provide value to our customers
We at Handyman Manchester value our customers over anything. We will move mountains to fulfil our customer's handyman needs. Nothing is more than necessary to us than our customers, their trust and their loyalty. We never take any of our customers for granted and never compromised a bit of quality to perform work ineffectively and inefficiently. Money doesn't matter to us, all that matters to us is our brand's name, recognition and trust all over the city of Manchester. We have been doing it for years, and we know how to satisfy our customers with our valued and quality services. There is almost 0% of dissatisfaction rate in all of our customers' relations. Even if somehow the customers' find even the slightest bit of imperfection, we will do everything we can to make that renovation to the level of perfection our customer is demanding. We at handyman Manchester listen to our customers' needs and requirements and provide the work according to the specific requirements they are asking. We have never performed any kind of work in a hurry, or impatiently instead we complete the job with utmost dedication and patience so there will not be an inch of flaw left in our handyman service.
We are experienced and jack of all trades
We can perform a diverse level of services for you. We are highly adaptable and can provide maximum performance in almost every niche of repair and renovation project at your home, warehouse, business office or any other place. If it is the kitchen cabin repair project or the whole renovation of your house's store we can do it for you. Handyman job is our legacy, and we take it seriously and perform a well competent service to satisfy the customer's needs.
100% Quality services guaranteed
As said earlier, we never compromise on our quality service, and that's why we provide 100% Guarantee on our quality service. If somehow, which is impossible your work is not performed, and you are unsatisfied with our service, we can provide you with all of your money back. We are committed to satisfying our customer in all rough and harsh conditions. You need a handyman to rip apart your store and put it back again, and we will help you with that. Anything can be done, with your trust and our optimum service. Free quotation and toll-free helpline 24/7
Getting in contact with us to discover more about our service could not be more accessible than ever, contact us on the provided information, and we will be honoured to give you a free quote. Moreover, we offer our service 24/7 all 365 days of the year. There is no break in our business, and we are rock solid and ready to work anytime you demand. So what are you waiting for, dial the number provided and get your house to its back ne condition in no time.

Do you want to remodel your bath and kitchen the right way and obtain some of the best results right now on the market? Then you are definitely in the right place, because our Manchester kitchen and bath team of experts will provide you with the highest quality remodeling process performed very fast and as you see fit! All of our Manchester Kitchen and Bath have a lot of experience in this field of work and our company has received numerous awards, so you can rest assured that by working with us you will be able to obtain the best results, at the best price.

What do we help you in? Not just one or two but we help you sort out various commercial and home maintenance problems.
Carpentry: You got an issue with your wooden tables and cabinets? Well, ring us as we have the solution for them. Cracked furniture joints, undone door hinge, creaking cabinets and pulled-out handles, knobs or locks whatever the problem might be our skilled carpenters know how to fix them.
Plumbing: Entering a flooded home is never a pleasant welcome. Jammed up pipelines, cracked or leaking taps, out-of-order showers and bath tub issues are a headache. No need to struggle with them yourself because every work has a specialist for them. In case of plumbing, contact us to help you get rid of worst plumbing issues. We know nobody is fond of dripping ceilings.
Painting and dry wall: Moving to a new house is always a hassle. With numerous other most important works painting the walls to give it a clean and fresh look is among the most significant ones. Doing it on your own is not only tacky but both time consuming and exhausting. We make sure to give your walls the best even layers of paint. Be it a house, workplace or even public places we can cover it all.
Electrical: From tangled wires and short circuits to broken wires and appliances which have given up, we are aware of the frustration electrical problems cause. Although they are not easy to handle but our experienced electricians can make it work very well.
Renovations: Converting a flat into a studio, a farm house into an exhibition center or simple changing the way your home looks? Renovation can bring both excitements for something new and mental plus physical exhaustion. Why take the entire burden when we can do the best for you? We renovate places to unbelievable extents where appreciation become mandatory.
Why rely on us?
Experienced workers: Carpenters, plumbers, electricians to every person involved in doing your tasks in very trained and experienced. They are confident enough with their years of expertise. They know techniques and have instant ideas for every situation. Our workers are absolutely trust worthy with their work. Spends least possible time: The minute our workers enter your property they begin their work according to directions. The time taken depends upon the complexity of the task. The worker never stretches the time which proves that they are very quick with their jobs. Laziness is not allowed. Affordable: If you think we charge bucketful for the services we provide then take I easy. Because you are wrong. Our rates are very nominal. WE make sure we don’t become a burden on your pockets. Easy to contact: We are only a phone call and an email away. Got a problem? Ring us then and there without giving it a second thought. You will find us at your door anytime soon. Always available: We are available for long hours. Whatever hour of day it is, just contact us. Don’t waste your time thinking about our availability. We are always available to serve you.

Handyman Manchester offerings:
We offer the following things;
Appliance Repair
Drinking water facilities and sanitation networks in new or reforms work.
Change downspouts
Preventive maintenance of facilities and write-downs
Installation and repair of water tap for kitchen appliances
Installing showers and bathtubs for shower trays
Unblocking solution, water leaks or broken pipes
Installation and repair of boilers, heaters and water heaters.
All the issues of wood works, mending and fixing of all the furniture and fixture
Repairing, maintain, and re- installing of electrical appliances and wiring.
We do all kind of drinking water installations in new buildings and in renovations of all types of properties. We also install sewer wastewater, distribution networks and accountants. In a condominium, downspouts and make changes to offer full-service maintenance of all elements. We do the maintenance work often of great importance, especially when the use of the facilities is intensive, as in large buildings. Good maintenance can prevent damage and breakages are difficult to solve and for which compensation can be really expensive.


Plumbers: Therefore, our specialists perform most effectively cleanup to remove debris attached to the walls of the ducts, both water pipes and drains, before jams or breaks occur. For this, we have the best tools for plumbers, most innovative equipment and also apply the most effective methods that now exist.

Electrical installations:Professionals are qualified to perform electrical installations quality and with all the guarantees, also a power to make changes, install lamps, wall light points, plugs and rings. Whether there is an issue with the lighting of the home, our electricians move immediately to repair the fault of the system, either a power failure light or what so ever.

Carpentry services:
We offer wood carpentry repairs, assembling pieces of furniture, wooden fences, repair baseboards, windows, and doors. Also, we do an installation of wooden porches, varnish and polish wood surfaces and what not.

Our Manchester Kitchen and Bath design and remofelimg is a leading Manchester Kitchen and Bath one stop solution for design and remodeling professiona in Manchester kitchen and bath remodeling

Do you want to remodel your bath and kitchen the right way and obtain some of the best results right now on the market? Then you are definitely in the right place, because our Manchester kitchen and bath team of experts will provide you with the highest quality remodeling process performed very fast and as you see fit! All of our Manchester Kitchen and Bath have a lot of experience in this field of work and our company has received numerous awards, so you can rest assured that by working with us you will be able to obtain the best results, at the best price.even provides you with a very high quality granite that you can implement in your bathroom or kitchen without any hassle. We can provide you with a design or you can create it on your own, either way our service is designed to bring your vision to reality in one of the most interesting and visually appealing ways that you have ever encountered. On top of that, our service also includes a five year guarantee so even if something breaks or malfunctions, we will be there for you to replace or repair it free of charge.



With our Manchester Kitchen and Bath you will receive professional results from licensed contractors that bring you plumbing services, electrical services as well as contracting, all that’s necessary in order to up the ante and take your home to the next level. We will refine the interior of your home and bring in an amazing style, all according to your needs and instructions. No matter if there’s a home renovation, a small apartment or a suburban renovation, our Manchester Kitchen and Bath service will be there for you.

As you can see, we have created the Manchester Kitchen and Bath to suit the needs of all persons, and we also bring you the best value for your money. If you want astounding results and the best renovation for your bath or kitchen, don’t hesitate and give us a call right now, we will help you take you home to the next level at an affordable price!

Customer Satisfaction

you need to install or mend anything regarding the repairing then  Manchester handymen can send a handyman to take care of everything